Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mr. H Reads!

For a few years now I've wanted to break onto the KidLit blogging scene. I even think I've had a few good ideas . . .

I thought about starting a blog about middle grade books for boys. Someone told me there is an absence of this in the blogosphere and it could be an easy void to fill. However I discovered a few problems with this idea: books that rise to the top of my To-Read list are not always books that would appeal to middle grade boys. And to start a blog aimed at getting boys to read books would be to acknowledge that boys don't like to read and I'm not sure that's true. Some of my most voracious readers in 5th grade have been boys over the years. In the end, it may have found a place in the blogging world, I just didn't know if it was for me.

I actually did start my very own blog about the Newbery Medal. I have read plenty of Newbery Medal winners already but I set out on a mission to read every Medal winner starting with the first and ending with the most recent. I wanted it to give me perspective on the award and it's history. After the first three titles (the three oldest), I was bored to tears! I reluctantly abandoned the idea . . . for now. Who knows. Maybe someday I'll be inspired to revisit it.

Which brings me to this. This one's gonna work! Because I'm not going to have a theme. I'm just simply going to write about whatever I'm reading. Or whatever is on my mind, regarding children's books.

I've tried really hard to make a kidlit blog work for me and I've discovered that maybe that is the problem in and of itself. I need to stop trying so hard!

So here goes nothing . . .

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