Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 Reading Goals

In my fifth grade class, I encourage my students to set goals for themselves as readers. These goals can focus on types or genres of books read, or quantity or amount of books read, or even reading skills and strategies. We check in on our goals frequently and adjust as needed or just simply, reflect. 

I model this by setting my own goals as a reader. I share these goals with my students and reflect on them frequently. For 2017, I have established the following goals:

1. Read 50 books.
2. Read 25 new books (published in 2017).
3. Read 5 nonfiction books.
4. Read 5 former Newbery Medal winners.

I have a mix of quantity and genre and have left some room in my total goal for other interests. I am currently reading 3 books that were published in 2016 and will count them in my goal for 2017 but they don't really fit in goals 2, 3, or 4. A current interest of mine is nonfiction but I don't know if it's a faze yet and a secret ambition of mine has always been to read every Newbery Medal winner so I'd like goal 4 to realistically be more than 5 by the end of the year. I'm sure when Fall comes around and the Newbery Medal is on everyone's mind, new books will dominate my reading so I hope to have some fun this summer stepping outside my comfort zone.

Next up... I close the door on 2016 and share my favorite 10 books from the past year.

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